Moving in / Moving to another room / Moving out

Moving in

Assigned room

The assigned room or date of moving in cannot be changed during the period of moving in, i.e. until the end of September. Switching rooms will be possible from the beginning of October.

When and where

Information about the assigned room will be available at You can find the address of the dormitory here.

Moving in is possible from 14 September to 19 September 2018.

What should you bring

  1. an ID card (foreign students should bring their valid passports)

I cannot attend personally

Please, come personally on the check-in day during office hours, directly to the Dormitory Manager of the Švecova dormitory. The reception desk is opened nonstop.

Accommodation contract

The contract, which you will sign, will be submitted to you by the manager of the dormitory when moving in. We recommend reading the contents of the contract before you sign it, as you will not have sufficient quiet time to read it thoroughly when moving in.

Keys, bed clotes

As soon as you sign the contract, you will receive keys from the assigned room and bed clothes. You will also get the List of defects, which you will complete upon entry to the room.

Taking the room

The room will be taken upon signing of the accommodation contract and the handing over of keys and bedlinen. You can move in by yourself, with no employee of the hall of residence present. As soon as you enter the room, check the room and its furnishings immediately for proper condition fit for use. On that day, record any found defects in the List of Defects and submit it to the person in charge (usually the one who has given you the List of Defects). You will be responsible for defects not recorded in the List of Defects. If you fail to submit the List of Defects on the day of moving in, you will breach the accommodation contract.

Moving to another room

Common Rules

  • The first week in October is the first permitted day of moving to another room.
  • A person interested in moving to another room must appear in person during office hours and prove his/her identity.
  • In case of exchange of the allocation with another student, both these students have to appear at the same time.
  • Each application for moving to another room will be decided individually and may be rejected.
  • Rooms may not be booked.
  • Information about free rooms will be provided only at personal visits.

A student may move until the 4th day of a calendar month inclusive (during office hours only). This is due to sending a direct debit order to the bank usually on the 5th day of a calendar month (the particular term of sending is published in the news on a monthly basis). Any later date of moving will be permitted only in exceptional cases upon agreement with the manager of the relevant hall of residence.

Moving out

I am no longer interested in the accommodation

If you do not want to use the accommodation, report this fact to the accommodation office by e-mail or in person in the accommodation office (you must prove your identity). For dates, see the accommodation schedule. In order to protect the accommodated persons, the following ways of rejecting the accomodation will not be taken into consideration: notification by phone, by e-mail message sent from other than the student´s own school e-mail address, a message via a friend/acquaintance/parent/relative, a letter.

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